Gator Grain Vinyl Tops

Gator Grain Vinyl Tops

Gator Grain Vinyl Tops

Gator Grain vinyl tops were available after the mid-year and into late 1969 as a custom option only for Plymouth and Dodge C-bodies. This option in 1969 was available to select dealers in select geographic areas of the country of which we have not been able to totally verify. The 1969 Trim Selector books do NOT show this option. However, we have seen vehicles in 1969 with Gator Grain and we have original 1969 Gator Grain material. (See 1969-backer photo and 1969 Polara advertisement) In 1970, Gator Grain vinyl tops became a full-fledged option and were available for Plymouth and Dodge B/E-body cars with the V1G top codes.

Legendary Auto Interiors’ owner, Martin Beckenbach acquired original 1969 and original 1970 Gator Grain vinyl top material over 20 years ago and retained large samples of this vinyl for future development. The 1969 and 1970 Gator Grain is exactly the same with the exception of different cloth backer material used between the different years. Legendary’s Reproduction Gator Grain is identical to these original vinyl samples and has backer material that is a combination of the 2 backer materials used in 1969 and 1970.

Initial orders of our new Gator Grain tops have been terrific and the response to the product has been extremely positive. Call today to find out what all the buzz is about or you can request a sample of this exclusive “as original” Gator Grain vinyl.

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  • Antiqued brown color with slight green tinting
  • Heavy-weight cloth backing
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • 1,200 Hour, grade 5 UV protection quality (a 1st for the aftermarket industry)

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69 gator backer   70 gator grain backer   gator grain trim book

Gator Grain Vinyl Roofs   Gator Grain Trim Book   69 Polara Gator Grain

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