Tech Tips with Ron The Interior Guy – Installation Of Mopar Headliners

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Today’s hot tips are about the installation of  Mopar  headliners

We normally recommend you have headliners professionally installed but if you have the time and are pretty handy, why not give it a try.

First step is to remove the old headliner and reinstall all the screws for rear view mirror/dome light/visors/coat hanger hook and seat belt bolt if any. Very important step as these are a pain in the *$#&* to look for when the headliner is complete.

Second step is to trim the headliner pockets so approximately 1 ½ inches of the ends of the metal headliner bows stick out of the ends of the pockets. This will leave room for the headliner to travel along the rod during installation.

There are 2 headliner bow hooks located just in front of the rear window. These hooks go around the headliner bow through the headliner bow pocket .They hold the bow in place while stretching the headliner forward toward the visor area. Attach the front visor area first about 12 inches at a time. Stretch the center bow side to side and attach a 12 inch area on both sides. Work front to back then side to side alternating a 12 inch area every time. Eventually you will have the job complete.vinyl top adhesive glues the sides under the drip rail area and teeth spike hold in front and rear window area.

If you have some door jam windlace  it will work real well holding the headliner in place when stretching it. The nice part is as long as you have not made any huge mistake you can re-do any area you are not happy with.

You do not need a steamer to install your headliner. A small heat gun will help remove any fold marks from being in the box.

Its not rocket science and if you are pretty handy you can save yourself some donuts.

If you have any questions before you give it a try …just call me for some pointers.

Thanks and may the Difference be with you.


Ron The Interior Guy

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