Tech Tips With Ron The Interior Guy- Modification of 60-65 A,B,C Body Foam Kit

We are often asked how to modify our 1960-1965 a b c body foam kit.

First of all the outside perimeter of the foam does not need to be changed. Only the inside insert area needs adjustments.

The foam needs to resemble the original foam. Depending on the model and year you have, the foam needs to fill out the seat cover fully

Most shops and diy’s often think the welt or piping rides on the edge of the seat frame. Most models in those years the welt rides on the crest of the raised area of the bolster or collar.

The modifications are very minor and can be done with a razor blade ,foam cutter or moms old carving knife. For detailed instructions on how to modify the foam please visit our website at and access the installation video section and look for the 1960-1965 foam adjustment video. Or call us @ 1-800-363-8804 and ask for the Tech Department.

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