Tech Tips with Ron the Interior Guy- Vinyl Top Installation

Some people are confused about the correct way to install a vinyl top. The correct procedure is to glue the center deck to the car between the seams (centering it of course) keeping the center lines as straight as possible. Having a helper will be a nice benefit. The next step will be to glue down under the rear window if there is a lower valance on your car. The next step will be to glue down the sides and rear upper quarter panel area. The later steps will include gluing down the A pillar (if it applies). Lastly you will need to glue down in the front and rear window trim clip area. It’s a great idea to have the glass out of the car when installing a vinyl top. It can be done with the glass installed but i will be slightly more difficult. Keep in mind do not use an aerosol adhesive. Only use correct vinyl top adhesive. Coat both sides the vinyl top side and the car side.

Do not install a top over a fresh paint job unless you sand it to a rough texture to give the glue something to bite to.

Inspect your top closely before installation because once its on…. its yours.
If you are still confused call me and I will guide you through the maze.


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