Tech Tips With Ron The Interior Guy- “What Is Blogging??”


What Is Blogging??


Hey all you bloggers,

This weeks blog is all about the Blogs and blogging.

I am often asked” do we have a blog up for this weeks bloggers”. What is a blogger Sounds like it should have gills. Do people blog when they should be working? Does your boss know you blog? Do people blog when they are just bored? Is blogging a waste of time? Can you attach pics to your blog? What happened to making a phone call? Am I a social  outcast if I don’t blog . Are your Friends Bloggers? Mine are not! Am I too old ?  lol.  Am I to young? I guess this weeks blog is to inform me instead of me informing you. Ask your neighbor if they blog? Do you think they will be insulted?

I also want to see how many people reply to this blog about blogging .

Does that really even make sense?

Keep me posted and clean up after blogging!!

I still will give you the tips and tricks to make your interior awesome in following blogs but I just need to know.



3 Responsesto “Tech Tips With Ron The Interior Guy- “What Is Blogging??””

  1. DIana Lynn says:

    I Blog, I think it’s important to Blog. It’s a social status thingy, the more you blog the higher your status! Its a way to get your (gibberish) ideas out to people who wouldn’t ordinarily listen to a word your saying in the first place! LOL

    You Rock Ron! We love you…

  2. scott arnold says:

    Of coarse we BLOG,,Couldn’t build anything with out it.

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