Tech Topics With Ron The Interior Guy

Hello World,

Ron (The Interior Guy) welcoming you to blog with us on the world wide web.

A far cry form a couple of sewing machines back in the day. We have grown and grown like we have been taking steroids. I will  be discussing many topics. Many of them install related. Now I know many of you will differ on your opinions on how to install stuff. Maybe this will not be blogging fun and maybe you will need to go for a long walk…. lol. For those of you who want to learn some cool stuff and some neat tricks of the trade. Keep in mind I am an old dude so you English and grammar freaks may need to put in some overtime.

I will try and post some neat things you never knew, introduce you to some of our new and old staff. And what they do.

Maybe some intimate things about myself (maybe not). Maybe you guys can help me learn some new things.

Hopefully you will have a better feel on who we are and what we are about.

Talk with you soon!!

Ron (The Interior Guy) since 85′

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