There Really is a Difference

Often I am asked what is the difference between Legendary Auto Interiors products and the other guys stuff. Speaking as an installer and manufacturer I am going to give you the straight talk on the topic.

As an installer and warranty guy, if Legendary Auto Interiors has a problem with any products they correct  it with fit or function.

We install the products daily and have the same issues as you have.We want to be the best at what we do and have it fit the best also. If customers have a problem with a specific part we try to handle each one thoroughly so the same problem does not ever happen again except for human error which happens everywhere. Therefore the product continues to climb to a higher quality daily.

As a manufacturer I see how the originals were constructed. I see how we make them to original specs and see how we improve on the construction without compromising originality. I have installed everyone Else’s products over the years.

Am I  biased (maybe) But I have one of the best seats in the house to view it all and without any doubt There Really is a Difference.


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